And, tears were shed again

It started out by gently nudging me as early as last Friday. "It's in a week, Padma," the voices in my head chorused. How my mind suddenly got a wind of it, still beats me. But that's the way the universe works. It's a mean selfish place. Have you ever noticed that it's the gentle waves... Continue Reading →

Poem: My Dear Baby

  My Dear Baby, I am your Mama, Your marble brown irises, Do they recognise me, In the midst of our crises?   My Darling Baby, Did you ever know, The day you found a home inside me, Was the best day of my life, Whatever others may decree.   My Beloved, The second your... Continue Reading →

The Orphan’s Mother – Part II

This is the second and final part of this story. Catch up with the beginning here! Do let me know your thoughts!   The loud red balloon seemed completely out of place amidst the metallic darkness of the car and the mental darkness of our hearts. It bobbed merrily in my hand as if it... Continue Reading →

The Orphan’s Mother – Part I

(It's been ages since I posted a story, so here's one. It's a bit long, so I am posting it in two parts. You can read the second part here.  It's one of my personal favourites. This time, I tried a different story format. Does it work? Do let me know what you think! Enjoy!)... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Rhythm of Life

In the tiny corridor, Sat a frail old woman, With her eyes open wide, But seeing none.   Vacant empty eyes, Filled with tears and prayer, For her daughter and her child, And sins that required repair.   Not so long ago, She had been pacing on the same floor, When Paul’s poor heart, Could... Continue Reading →

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