Two Left Feet

She glided across the stage,

Landing softly on her padded feet,

Arms raised gracefully,

One leg gently grazing the other,

A skilful pirouette,

Toes pointed to the spotlight,

Another fluid turn,

And a perfect poise,

Applause showered,

Thanked with a bow.


She watched the recital,

From the last but one seat,

Admiring the dancer’s pliant moves,

A lithe bird floating in a sunlit sky,

The show was over,

But her chagrin at herself had furthered.


In the comfort of her bed,

She regarded her feet,

A stubby abomination,

Contrasted to the ballerina’s

Slim pointe bound tarsals,

The mirror as unforgiving as ever,

Reflecting a familiar yet dispiriting image,

Of incongruence between mind and body,

How she longed for the svelte figure,

The suppleness,

The delicacy,

Of a merry sylph.


Many a time,

It had been affirmed to her,

Stout legs and flappy arms such as hers,

Could never slice the air with such finesse,

That her unappealing physique,

Was never meant for such grace,

That she had two left feet,

And such counsel,

Was always deemed to be in her best interest.


But naysayers say nothing but nay,

And by surrender to them,

Telephones would still be a fantasy,

Planes truly behind the clouds of thought,

So, I will try,

Said she, resting her bare feet on the floor.


She turned on the radio,

Tuned to the station playing Chopin,

She let the music ebb into her ears,

Blend in with her blood,

Surge through her veins,

Fill her mind with simple joy,

Exiling any velleity that lingered,

Heartbeat and Chopin danced together,

She raised her legs and swayed her arms,

Waltzing through her modest flat,

The moon her spotlight,

The hot summer air her applauding audience,

Till the piece ended in a crescendo.


Diffidence had given way to confidence,

The mirror smiled at her,

Perspiration glistening in the moonlight,

Dark hair streaming across her flushed face,

But still, the mirror continued to smile,

And she understood,

You could still dance,

With two left feet.

Credit: Miguel Salgado @

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