Feline Fairy Tale!

I’m sorry I am a little late in updating you guys, but THANKS A TON for your wishes and prayers. Yogi, my cat, came back and she had a surprise for us!

My last post talked about how I had lost Yogi and how broken we were.

I woke up on Tuesday morning to attend my early morning class (6.15 AM) but as I had remained awake for the better part of the night crying about Yogi, I curled back into my bed.

Suddenly, my dad threw open the door of my bedroom and silently screamed for me (I hope you get me).

“Come out! Come out!” He whispered loudly.

I trudged out and voila, there was my dear cat!

“Yogi! I have missed you so much!” I gave her a nice big hug as my tears of joy put the Niagra Falls to shame.


She was skinnier than ever before and I decided to feed her some of her favourite treats. But she refused them. She continued to rub herself against me and was more vocal than usual. She ran about the flat as if she was looking for something. Finally, she settled inside my dad’s cupboard on the lowest shelf where my late mom’s clothes were kept.  A bit of research on google helped me figure out her weird behaviour – she was in labour!

She sauntered in and out of the cupboard, resting her head on my lap and meowing in pain. I comforted her and stroked her gently. I stayed at home for the day. She finally went back into the cupboard and buried herself in my mum’s clothes. I decided to give her some privacy, though I checked on her every 15 minutes.

By 12 noon, five adorable black and white kittens were huddled over mom. They had the loveliest squeaks I’ve ever heard. Mom herself looked a bit nervous and seemed glad to have me around.

I left some milk, water and a bowl full of treats for her to sustain. Though she wanted to feed, she was very anxious to leave her kitties alone even for a few minutes. The distance was hardly a few centimetres. She would try to take in a sip but one of her fur babies would sound the slightest squeak and she’d rush back in. The food would remain untouched.

So it came to be that I had to feed her. I would bring her bowl into the shelf and stretch my hand to wherever she was seated. She’d finish her meal quickly and satisfy her hunger.

Mom and kids are doing really well. I’m so glad to have Yogi back at home. What is so beautiful about this whole story is that Yogi came home on the day of her delivery. She was 600m away when she was last spotted three days before she came home. She wanted to be with us when she would have her kids. Aww!

Her trust in me and my dad is so strong that she would let me stroke her while she is inside the shelf, nestling with her beauties. Since she is a stray-transitioning-to-a-pet, we don’t have a litter box for her yet (the vet said no to our idea of buying one as he feels the kittens may choke on them). So mom would run out into the rain to do her business and hurry back in within 10 minutes or so. During that time too, she is so sure we intend no harm to her or her babies.

Honestly, Yogi is the best thing that has happened to me in recent years. I thank you guys especially for your prayers and well-wishes:

As confessed in my previous post, I am a first-time cat-slave. So please please please help this poor peasant out by giving some tips and ideas as to how to take care of the Queen and her Prince and Princesses. Also, is it safe to click pics of the newborn kittens?

Love you all ❤


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  1. What lovely news. Our Gracie had kittens last year, they have been rd homes but Gracie, and Seamus her brother are still with us. Once Yogi has weaned her kittens you might want to get her spayed so she doesn’t get pregnant again. You might also need to get someghjng for the kittens to use instead of a litter tray unless mum takes them outside but really they need to be kept in as they get older to stop them catching anything. Too complicated to go into detail. Best to speak to your vet for advice x. So glad she is back. Yes take photos!

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