Searching for My Precious Cat


I will never forget the day Yogi hesitantly stepped out from under the car. Timid yes, but it takes a lot of courage to overcome your fear. And while I feel like I’ve known her all my life, she has been with me for only 2 months.

And then on Saturday, I lost her.

Dad and I decided to take her to the vet for a checkup as she had not been eating properly for the past two days. We called them up to ask whether they would come home as we didn’t know how to bring her to the clinic (first-time cat-slaves here). They assured us that she can be brought in a car and that they’d take care of her at the destination even if we did not have a cat box. 


It was Yogi’s first time in a car. We gave her some time to explore the new space as she dug up biscuit wrappers stashed safely under the seat and poked her head curiously into the broken glove box. Finally, she settled next to my dad, on the front seat, while I dutifully sat behind. She was calm and seemed to enjoy the ride.

When we reached the clinic (which is just two intersections away), we informed the attendants about our arrival. I took her out of the car and held her in my hands while we waited for them. She seemed at peace, just mildly interested in the new environment.

But all hell broke loose when she saw the attendant carrying a cage. I kid you not when I say, the cage looked frightening to me myself. It was a small stuffy steel enclosure which swung menacingly to the heavy pace of the attendant. Yogi saw that and with a swift leap, she ran away into the bushes.

She dodged us successfully every time we came near her. We followed her into the neighbouring flats and the Church. The poor thing was so scared. Her eyes were dilated and her furs stood on an end. That’s when I called off the “rescue.” She just wasn’t comfortable with us chasing her around and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

Her Favourite Box

Dad and I returned home half-heartedly. The sight of her food bowl with some still left in it made our eyes sting. Sunday morning came and there was no Yogi to greet us with a friendly brush against our legs. I had an early morning class and though I was physically present in the classroom, my thoughts were full of my dear girl only. While I was away, dad searched that locality again, but she could not be spotted.

I had a class in the evening too but I came back home early as I couldn’t control my grief. We searched the neighbourhood again and gave our mobile numbers to the people residing there. They were all very nice and friendly. We came to know that she had been spotted there last yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. They assured us that they’d call us if they saw her roaming about.

Though talking to them made us feel better, I was still so broken inside. My dad was feeling worse than me. And he’s the kind of person who appears tough and is sure to not let his emotions leak out through his eyes. We watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that evening to distract ourselves, but whenever we saw Professor McGonagall in her feline animagus form or the-otherwise-annoying Mrs Norris, Yogi slinked back to the surface.

Today morning too, no Yogi. Our hearts feel like they have been emptied off all blood and blessings. My dad searched for her again today morning but to no avail.

Wherever you are Yogi, I only hope you are happy. We miss you, your majesty.

My Sleeping Angel


UPDATE: Yogi has come back with a few surprises of her own! Check it out here!

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  1. I hate when they disappear. I stand near the kitchen and wait after I have called them. The children have assured me that the cats are hiding, cringing with embarrassment because I have called for them, by my private pet names, I tell the present ones, to go and look for the others and bring them home, that I am sad and cant bear being away from them. Travel blogger, I am supposed to be, my foot. I do not go anywhere for fear that they will think that I have abandoned them. They are my rescue babies and have been through enough trauma in their young lives. They come back and they love me more.

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    1. Nothing can compare to how broken I felt when Yogi disappeared. When she returned, it was as if the Gods themselves decided to grant my reprieve!
      If you’d like to travel, perhaps you can leave your kitties at a nice boarding centre?

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      1. I thought about that but they would be huddled in a corner, miserable and upset, thinking that I abandoned them forever. They do not eat from anyone. They were all rescues and came with their own horrors.

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  2. If you have any bedding or litter with her smell on put it outside. Cats have a great sense of smell. Also hang your own bedsheets out, unwashed, she might be able to smell them. Call her name Kate at night when traffic noise has died down. You could also ask neighbours to look in garages and sheds and put up posters. If you have a lost and found group for cats in your area post a picture to it… good luck hope she comes home safe x💔

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