Matter over Mind: Tame Your Brain


My dad always used to say, “You do what you feel like doing, not what needs to be done.” In other words, your missions are always checkmated by the fickleness of your mind. Not good.

That novel you had always wanted to write? Well, it never happened because you “weren’t in the mood.”

The Mt Everest of Laundry successfully keeping your guests away? It’s time you moved the mountain.

Ever been in bed dreaming of sleep, WIDE-AWAKE, counting sheep further than what your bank balance can ever dream of?

Remember the time when your boss threatened to send you to the gallows for making a small spelling mistake (“Bored Meeting” instead of “Board Meeting. In my defence, it’s kind of true, anyway) and at the same time your sister was mourning over the loss of her new beloved blouse over the phone. Not to forget, your house keys remained forgotten inside the house and you had to wait outside and lay yourselves as the all-you-can-eat buffet for the mosquitoes – till your dad came and he didn’t have the keys as well (Christmas for the mosquitoes.) Did you not simply wish to push away all the clutter in your mind and just meditate?

So much for mind over matter. It’s time for matter over mind.

I learnt very recently how to effectively tame your brain and get things done. In fact, I’m employing the technique right now AND IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC.

The best part? It’s FREE!

The other best part? It works INSTANTLY!

So here’s how.

The tiny cells of our brain, called neurons, generate something called ‘brain waves’ – not just when you suddenly hit upon an idea to resolve world poverty, but all the time. Twenty-four hours a day. Fifty-two weeks a year. From the moment you gurgled your first breath of air to the second you are reading my blog (thanks, by the way!) Whether you eat, read or even sleep, it is always present.

All the fancy brain graphs you see in Grey’s Anatomy? Those are depictions of these brain waves. They indicate the level of brain activity.

The bad news is, these waves determine your mood and desire to do things. They command over you.

The good news? Well, you can overrule them!

There are five types of brain waves.

Gamma: This is the highest frequency of brain activity at more than 40 Hz. It helps to process information and enables better understanding and learning. Too much of this can cause stress and a paucity of it can cause depression.

Beta: The frequency of brain activity is 12 Hz to 40 Hz. This improves your concentration and sharpens your mental focus. Best for maths exams. However, if in abundance, it can again cause stress and if it tanks it can also lead to depression.

Alpha: At a frequency between 8 Hz and 12 Hz, this is the median wave range. Like the frothing waves of the sea, these waves provide you with relaxation. They help you calm down and lead you to the initial stages of meditation. Don’t be misguided though. A lot of it will not make you the Alpha Female (or male) and rather will make you lazy and callous. Too little and it will pave the way for anxiety and nervousness.

Theta: We are now entering the privileged territory of sleep and meditation. These waves move slowly at a frequency between 4 Hz and 8 Hz. It fires your creativity and heightens your emotional perception. Too much of theta and you could end up day-dreaming and mentally zoning out in Professor Cross’s class. A dip in the waves will, however, make you anxious.

Delta: We are now scraping the bottom of the trough. This is the lowest brain activity and it cycles between 0 Hz and 4 Hz. Best for deep sleep. Worst for deep thinking.

So now, you ask me how to achieve the required brain state?

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the required waves (eg: brain music alpha waves)
  3. Click on the one which appeals to you
  4. Plug in your earphones
  5. Click play.
  6. Watch the ad and condone its unrealism. (Some girl in white shorts dancing happily during her chums.)
  7. Listen to the beats
  8. Put your mind into the required state
  9. Matter over mind


That’s it! It is as simple as that!

Here, I attach some of my favourite links. You can try these too.

Gamma Waves


Beta Waves


Alpha Waves


Theta Waves


Delta Waves


These are just my recommendation. You can go through so many videos and find out what suits you best.

So, did this work for you? Novel started? Laundry cleared up? Woke up from a refreshing sleep? Mental clutter thrown out?

Do let me know by dropping a comment below!

All the Best!

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