January 2: The Forgotten Date

Hello and a very Happy New Year!

Without a doubt, December 31 and January 1 are the most celebrated days of the year. Even Christmas is not observed with such grandeur in all parts of the world! There is something special about these two days that brings out all communities, warring or in peace, to hail them.

What is this ‘something special?’ It is the same sunrise, same birds chirping, same morning coffee (maybe extra strong to drown the hangover?), same foaming waves of the sea, same dreary job and same boring life. Even the price of bananas is the same! What has changed, is the calendar.

Having seen ‘7’ for 8760 hours previously, we find it puzzlingly refreshing to see ‘8’ at the end of the date. A small change, but it carries so much power that people build promises upon it.

And even though things do not seem to have changed, the earth’s renewed liaison with the sun gives us a cause to renew and redress our lives. Enter New Year Resolutions.

For us humans, having a fixed date helps us construct what we seek to achieve. It may be being healthier, learning a new language or completing our education. A new year helps us turn a new leaf. We drop the burdens of the bygone year and greet the newcomer with open arms and an energised mind.

But, what happens after the first day of the year?

If you are a student scavenging for money and time like me, your resolutions probably went down with the stars at the dawn of January 2. This date is the ingress to reality, where we meet our pre-holiday lives and grudgingly run along with the routine mechanics of everyday life. This is the day we gauge the rationality of our resolutions and begin modifying them to suit the daily grind. By February 1, we modify them so much that they are completely eliminated. In short, January 2 is the spoilsport.

Don’t let it be. Don’t get lost in the phantasmic security of daily life. Don’t forget the dreams and the aspirations you had lovingly hoped for this year. It is not worth replacing with your routine work. This is what defines you and makes you ‘you.’ This is what sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t be a factory product. Be an innovation.

Things you can do today to make it even more special than yesterday:

a. Compliment a stranger

b. Talk with an old friend whom you haven’t spoken with for a long time.

c. Take your house-help out for lunch

d.  Write a letter to yourself to be read on January 2, 2020

e. Post about your new year resolutions so that your readers can also motivate you.

f. And lastly, kick-start your new year resolutions!

Every day is a new day. Some dates are marked and some aren’t. But every day is a new beginning – a chance to help ourselves and others – a chance so fresh, like the dew-kissed blossom of a rosebud on a foggy dawn. Pluck it and wear it proudly.

A happy new day!



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