Splashing in the Sun!

Hello! So, last weekend, my office planned a beach retreat to Mahabalipuram (about 40 km from Chennai.) It was a fun-filled itinerary, packed with team-building events (tug-of-war), swimming, scrumptious lunch etc. But the highlight has to be the Catamaran Ride! A catamaran (origin: katamaram (Tamil)) is a long wooden boat used by the fishermen when they... Continue Reading →

So, I paid a visit to the Psychiatrist

Monday evening found me sitting coyly in a well-lit psychiatrist's clinic. It was a modest apartment that had been converted to an office. Faded plastic chairs were scattered in the hall. Most of them were occupied by men, women and children who to me, appeared very glum and withdrawn, possibly the placebic effect of this place.... Continue Reading →

January 2: The Forgotten Date

Hello and a very Happy New Year! Without a doubt, December 31 and January 1 are the most celebrated days of the year. Even Christmas is not observed with such grandeur in all parts of the world! There is something special about these two days that brings out all communities, warring or in peace, to... Continue Reading →

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Cause reverie is when ideas float in our mind without reflection or regard of the understanding. And all of it is TRANSIENT.


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